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Craps Gambling Dice
Craps Gambling Dice Rolling on a Craps Table. Image Source: Gambling.org

Gambling 101

Gambling is the act of wagering (risking) an amount of money or something of value against the odds of a certain outcome coming true. The odds come into play big time when a person gambles in any way. This is true for buying lottery tickets just as it is betting on sports or online casino games.

A casino’s entire business model is actually based on these mathematical odds and probabilities. Well almost entirely… Casinos also offer other ways for people to place bets such as sportsbook betting, keno gambling and most recently online casinos.

Other forms of entertainment are available these days & Las Vegas is packed with world-class entertainment with some of the most profitable night clubs in the world.

And Las Vegas DJ’s can be paid money BIG TIME with some top DJ’s earning over $1,200,000,000 in a single night. Moreover, with big events like EDC Vegas they bring them in even more cash than that.

So gambling is no longer the only game in town in good old Vegas. But the Las Vegas casinos still work feverishly to bring in high rollers into their first class resorts. The world’s best night clubs is actually a sign of how the demographic of gamblers visiting Vegas is changing to the younger generations.

Gaming is perceived differently by both sides of the age gap. Old school blackjack players believe that’s its the only game in town whereas younger gamers will bet live during a sports game or even wager on their favorite LoL team in a new form of betting on Esports.

Other signs that gambling is alive and well are the rise of esports gambling on the internet and the recent boom in online gambling coming as a result of the unprecented Coronavius world wide close down from COVID-19.

Online Gambling

Gambling.org is a highly trusted guide to the world’s best online gambling sites.

We’re very proud to be one of the oldest and longest running gambling websites on the internet today. Period.

That’s because since 1996 Gambling.org has been keeping tabs on the web’s gambling sites online and developing a database of integral gambling topics to teach people successful betting strategies.

We’ve been creating a gambling knowledge graph which gives us unique insights into a highly complex online gaming industry.

Gambling.org Betting Online
Illustration of people gambling online from their smartphones and tablets. Source: Gambling.org

Gambling in Virtual Reality

People have been talking about VR gambling for years now but the question is if/when its going to really take off with the player community.

There are some signs showing up that virtual reality gambling is starting to gain popularity with online poker players. Online gambling giant Pokerstars is now offering virtual reality poker gambling and SlotsMillion has had a virtual reality online casino for several years already. But the players just weren’t demanding new games or playing the existing ones very much.

I think that’s all about to change. Take 18 seconds to watch this cool VR gambling video that will give you a peek as to what can become possible with virtual reality gambling games if the market demand gets loud enough.

Of course, when watching this video you need to imagine yourself immersed in a virtual reality experience because a true VR experience is fully immersive and it feels life-like yet surreal at the same time.

VR Gambling Video Concept

Please check back for the finished video again tomorrow. I’m finishing up the editing touches now…

Also, be sure to expand the video player to watch it in full screen. The 3D effects are much cooler that way for sure! I’ll be adding some music for the finishing touch.

Here’s a sneak peak of the New VR Gambling Video for now…

Gambling Apps

Betting on the go on mobile phones has exploded worldwide over the recent few years. There are 3 core types of mobile gambling apps for you to consider.

First there are Android mobile apps available on the Google Play App Store.

Next you’ve got a huge collection of free social gaming apps in Apple’s App Store.

Finally you’ve got a newer technology hybrid type mobile gambling apps. They work on both iPhones and Android phones. They’re progressive web apps so they can’t be found in the Google & Apply app stores unfortunately.

But if you find a good web app that you like just download it directly from the website to your phone. It will work like any other betting app does.

Mobile Gambling Apps

Try any of the free gaming apps out and see how fun they can be. There a better idea than playing at online casinos for real money. Think about it…

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Poker Games

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Slot Machine Games

Gambling Addictions

After spending a lifetime gambling in casinos and half a lifetime working in the internet gaming industry I’ll give you some very valuable advice.

Instead of gambling online with your hard earn money, take that time and do something more productive and fulfilling.

Take that bankroll betting money and spend it for yourself in better ways that carry more depth and importance than simply burning cash & precious time inside a casino, sportsbook or poker room.

I’m speaking to anyone that has an addictive personality in particular.

The majority of people can gamble for face value entertainment and then leave it alone and never thing about it. However, a small percentage of us become pathological gamblers, compulsive gamblers and seriously struggle with the fight against gambling addiction.

If that sounds like you (be honest with yourself) then you should stay away from gambling in general. I’ve battled the front lines of the gambling addiction fight for many, many years of my life.

I’m now finally at the point where I only gamble about once every 6 months. I’ll talk myself into thinking it will be different, go to the casino and do the same thing I always do. Stay and play until the money has gone away.

The sad part about that too is I’m insanely good at blackjack. It always happens thre same way. I get to the casino, play for 30 minutes to 1 hours and its going great. I’m up probably 50% to 100% of my bankroll. But I didn’t leave.

I kept playing. For days sometimes.

Take my word for it. Life is a precious gift and there’s just so many better things to do.

I’m not against gaming. I love it!

I’ve just learned my gambling lessons over time and I’m trying to pay it forward by passing along wisdom that much was sacrificed in order to obtain.

Hopefully it helps you out in profoundly good ways ๐Ÿ™‚

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