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Looking for safe and trustworthy sites for gambling online? has provided reviews of reputable online gambling sites throughout our website.

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This list was updated 08/30/2020.

Mr Green

You’ll find Mr Green provides a trustworthy & reputable gambling platform for players interested in sports betting and casino games. Owned and operated by William Hill (bookmaker), you can bet with confidence knowing that your visiting a reputable site that will payout if you win.

Ages 21+. Mr Green Terms and Conditions apply (T&C’s apply).

Bovada Casino

You’ll find Bovada provides a popular online casino gambling site that has the trifecta of internet gambling: Sports Betting, Online Poker, Casino Games. New players get up to 2.5K in welcome bonuses on Bovada’s betting site.

Ages 21+. Bovada Casino Terms and Conditions apply (Bovada Bonus T&C’s apply).

Real Money Gambling Sites has been trusted since 1996 by thousands of gamblers from all over the world. This table ranks and reviews a number of the best gambling sites online for real money gaming in 2020.

“Is Gambling Online Legal?”

There are many places around our planet that allow people to gamble online legally. They are most often operating in alliance with local online gambling regulators and are legal gambling sites in the sense they are legally licensed to operate a website that operates as an online casino, bingo site, poker rooms, sportsbook or lottery site for example.

There are also places that don’t have any internet gambling laws established. In those locations, its is not illegal to wager on the web because there aren’t any laws making it illegal. However, since they don’t have regulations in place that means people are gambling at sites that are not licensed by local cyber gaming regulators.

All of these issues make the topic of legal online gambling somewhat confusing in the unregulated regions with no laws against gambling in cyberspace.

Lets take Florida for example. Florida does not have any laws on online gambling established. So for players in Florida it is not illegal to bet on the net.

But players in Florida are not allowed to play at online casinos operating in Pennsylvania for example.

This is because in Pennsylvania, they have established laws about gambling on-line. So for players in PA, it is lawful to wager at internet casinos that are licensed by the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board.

As more states start their own adoptions of regulating online gambling sites in their state its important that state regulators and online gaming operators build in safety measures to protect problem gamblers.

The gambling addiction crisis is far more serious than you realize. Speaking as a gambling addict myself, and also someone who’s partied pretty hard in their lifetime with a highly addictive personality, I can tell you then addiction to gambling is much worse for the addict than it is coping with addictions to drugs, alcohol or nicotine addiction.

Some warning sites of potential problem gambling to look out for are missing work, behind on bills/credit cards, missing family gatherings, loosing sleep thinking about gambling, planning ways to get enough money to gamble, borrowing money from family, friends, payday loan stores. Problem gamblers don’t stop their either.

My gambling addiction was so severe that I would get advances on next month’s income just so I could gamble more after my bankroll ran out.

That was during my high roller gambling / high stakes $5,000 per hand of blackjack wild days of the 2013-2017 years of time.

Back then when I first started a lifestyle of high roller blackjack gambling in Las Vegas I actually had the casino security / surveillance sneaking into my room when I wasn’t there, sifting through my things searching for cheating devices.

Of course, there were no cheating devices to be found. Its all in my mind.

Its a supercomputer that processes the blackjack formulas so fast its spooky action.

Because of that they brought in reinforcements. If you don’t think or realize it, most land cased casinos are stocked with “players” who look, act, and bet like “real” gamblers.

However, they’re actually some security contractors hired by the casinos.

Some are just stage players to make the place look busy and inviting.

When you walk into a casino and you see people gambling and have an entertaining time you want to bet on the actin too. has been covering the online casino gambling world since 1996.

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Help for Problem Gambling encourages players to always bet responsibly. Some people have addictive personality traits and problem gambling is a real issue. Listed below we’ve organized some of the most useful resources for gamblers that are fighting against gambling addiction.

Gambling Help Resources (A to Z)

Where Can I Get Help & Gambling Treatment?

Find help state by state with National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG). The organization is a non profit run to help problem gamblers get the treatment they need.

National Council on Problem Gambling

What is compulsive gambling behavior?

Learn about compulsive gambling behavior and find treatment help for problem gamblers at Mayo Clinic’s official site