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Gambling.org has been a trusted internet provider of gambling information dating back to 1996. As one of the world’s oldest trusted online gambling news providers we’re here to best explain your options when it comes to wagering on the web.

You need to take this topic seriously as gambling is a risky venture to begin with. Add to that the complexities of different, changing and difficult to interpret gambling laws that you have for people in lock down currently through our home planet earth.

Generally speaking, there is a huge wave of momentum in the United States of America with more states beginning to allow their residents to bet online.

Las Vegas Online Gambling

To the surprise of many, Vegas hasn’t embraced the online casino/sports gambling movement as feverishly as you might have otherwise thought. While Las Vegas online gambling in legal, USA players can only bet on poker online in Vegas and throughout the state of Nevada. Even still, online poker gambling is widely popular and accepted in Nevada and there’s some seriously high “high roller” action taking place.

The poker players in Nevada that play online are beyond highly skilled. Many of those guys are true masters of the game. Some of those poker players can play poker on such a high level similar to how I’ll play blackjack running circles around the table, players & dealers when I get deep in the zone. You don’t want to get against players like that because they’ll east you alive.

US States with Legal Online Gambling

There are currently around 15 states in the USA with legalized online gaming either already established and operating or with the legislation passed and the final regulation states being established.

The states that allow online gambling real money games are New Jersey, West Virginia, Delaware, Maine, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, South Carolina, Colorado, Nevada, Rhode Island.