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The sports betting guide is a comprehensive resource for sports bettors.

Here you will learn everything you need to know about sports betting online and placing offline bets.

Sports gambling, in general, is going through somewhat of a renaissance period right now.

Legal online sports betting is expanding worldwide at a very rapid rate.

These are exciting times in the world of online betting for sure…

This sports betting guide looks at the online gambling laws around sports wagering and examines some of the most trusted sportsbooks for betting live on your mobile phone, PC or laptop.

Legal Sports Betting

In recent years, nations across the world are starting to pass their own legislation and form sports gambling laws that allow people to gamble on sports.

As more places begin to regulate these activities, the overall internet gambling market will grow as sportsbook sites form mega-affiliate advertising deals with the main media networks such as we’ve seen happening recently with Fox, CBS and ESPN all announcing major affiliate-style marketing deals with some big name online sportsbooks.

The ESPN / DraftKings deal is a good example of what’s to come with major sportsbooks and media titans joining forces to advertise their services to the growing internet betting market for sports.

USA Online Sports Betting

In the United States in particular, there is rapid momentum of legal online sports betting and general / offline sports gambling regulations getting passed. New betting laws are being created in the USA where states allow online sports gambling limited to people to bet on sporting games in the state.

I’ve written another more recent article on the subject of USA betting in the latest news post: US sports betting is legal in 25 states [and growing].

UK Sports Betting

In the United Kingdom, people have been betting virtually on sports such as soccer/football golf, tennis, MMA fights, etc., since the country passed its own national regulations on online sports gambling / country-wide internet betting laws thus allowing Brits to gamble on-line safely under the safeguards outlined in the 2005 Gambling Act.

International Sports Gambling

In countries all over the world sports betting fever has struck a chord with many bettors around the world.

In countries such as Brazil, India, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia there are sports wagering movements occurring with mobile sports bettors multiplying like digital gremlins. However, of these countries, only Brazil has passed regulations to allow for general online gambling including sports wagers.

An estimated 60-70% of online sporting bets are placed, like magic, through thin air on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

What is the best sports betting site?

In my opinion, bet365 is the world’s best sportsbook site for betting on sports.

With over 40 million satisfied bet365 customers, its hard to argue otherwise IMO.

bet365 features a suite of online casino games to play when your not wagering on a big game.

Always remember to gamble responsibly when wagering over the web or at your local betting shop.

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