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Is Online Blackjack Rigged?

QuestionsCategory: BlackjackIs Online Blackjack Rigged?
a4sta121kin Staff asked 8 months ago

One question that keeps popping up, “Is online blackjack rigged?”, is something that comes across every BJ player’s mind when they first start gambling online for money.

People want to know if online casinos are rigged or the casinos’ somehow rig the blackjack games so they don’t payout.

The truth is there are some rigged online blackjack casinos that you want to steer clear of.

Avoid betting at any online casinos that have been labeled as blacklisted or rouge casino sites.

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On things that’s crucial to make note of is that with online gambling is the software automatically shuffles a full set of cards before they deal them out when you play blackjack online.

This is not rigging the game in any way. Its actually good the casinos auto shuffle the cards in blackjack games online because it creates a truly fair blackjack gambling experience on your phone or computer – wherever you wager on BJ games from.

Just remember that you can’t count cards with internet blackjack because of this auto-shuffle by the software.

Some online casino websites offer live dealer blackjack gambling games that deal real cards from a blackjack shoe.

Live dealer online blackjack games allow a card counting BJ player to effectively keep a hi-lo running count when playing against real dealers with actual playing cards.

Just make sure to look at each casinos’ reviews with a close eye because an unscrupulous casino site could order the blackjack cards in a way that favors the house more than usual, thus creating a rigged live dealer blackjack game.

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a4sta121kin Staff answered 1 month ago

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Online blackjack gambling is indeed legit and not rigged if the online casino site is licensed for internet gaming. Of course, some fake internet casino operators have rigged online blackjack games that don’t payout so don’t play at such websites.