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Can I gamble online in the United States?

QuestionsCategory: USA internet gamblingCan I gamble online in the United States?
a4sta121kin Staff asked 1 year ago

Yes. Its legal to gamble online in the USA.

Some states in America offer bettors legalized online sports gambling along with regulations of online casino games, lotto & poker games such as Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and West Virginia.

Other US states have only made betting on sports legal and have yet to adopt any online casino regulations.

In fact, for most stated that’s the current situation such as Colorado, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Arkansas, New York, New Hampshire, Oregon.

Illinois has recently been reported to be considering adopting their own regulations allowing for people to bet on mobile casino games in addition to their current online sports betting regulations in IA.

Then you’ve got states like where I live, Florida, where there are no regulation for online gambling at all.

Much of the country, like Florida, remains not illegal yet not regulated by United States online gaming regulators but the general trend is towards legalization and regulation of online gambling in America.

My hopes and prayers lie with the United States Federal Government passing federal online gambling regulations that allow for everyone in the United States to play at online casinos, bingo, lottery, poker, and sports gambling sites legally.

USA Federal online betting regulations, if passed by the US Supreme Court, would create an American economic boom to rival that of the roaring twenties. Here’s to hoping… 🙂

Just as its always been, USA gamblers are advised to use caution when they gamble online for real money.

Its important to note, so that you understand because its a pretty confusing mess, that there are both good online casinos and bad offshore regulated casinos.

So… Always look very carefully into the history and reputation on each site that you visit.

Never gamble online at an unlicensed casino or an online casino with a poor reputation.

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Benjamin Ogden Staff answered 1 year ago

There also used to be a long running online gambling dispute at the World Trade Organization (WTO) between the United States and Antigua over online gaming rights. The dispute was eventually settled as seen in this web page from the WTO that outlines the United States vs Antigua Barbua dispute over the rights to gamble online.