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Are offshore online casinos legal for USA players?

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      Offshore Online Casinos for USA Players: Are they legal?

      I’ve been doing a lot of reading lately.

      The monster mack truck plowing over states one by one with approvals for online sports getting passed, online casinos it seems have been forgotten about by most states.

      This leaves them in the same place they’ve been for 25 years now.

      Offshore online casinos are not illegal for USA players. They are simple regulated “offshore”.

      In other words, when you play at an offshore internet casino from the United States (outside of the regulated states of course) then you’re gambling with a casino operator that holds a license in either Malta, Curacao or Canada.

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      This is actually a crazy subject matter if you look back over the history of online casino betting websites in the last 25 years.

      The US claimed gambling sites were illegal so many times, but it never was illegal.

      Now that we finally have clarity from the United States Supreme Court that internet gambling is not illegal I expect the US internet gaming industry will see very strong growth for the next next decade easily.

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