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US sports betting is legal in 25 states [and growing]

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States with legal sports betting in USA

Ever since the United States supreme court ruled that sports betting is not illegal on a federal level in May of 2018, this event opened the doors for US states to pass their own laws on sports betting.

And did the doors open or what?

Well, there are now 25 states in America that have legal sports betting.

Many of these twenty-five states have also passed online sports betting regulations on sports gambling over mobile phones and the internet. Meanwhile, this remains the next step for other states not quite as far long in their process of passing online sports betting laws for people located inside the state.

Read through this DraftKings sportsbook post answering the question: Where is sports betting legal?

DraftKings US - Legal Sports Betting States

While it’s unlikely that all 50 states will adopt sports wagering (not all 50 have lottery systems), plenty more will enhance the pool in which they wet their budgetary beaks by allowing further expansion of gambling activities that can be regulated and, more importantly, taxed.

Quote source: Mike Florio from NBC Sports.

2020 has been a major year for US online gambling expansion with legal sports betting regulations sweeping across America and online sports betting regulations are typically passed shortly after the sports gambling laws making it legal for bettors to wager on sports inside the state.

The future of mobile sports betting, daily fantasy sports, mobile and social online gambling sites is looking bright for the United States of America and its citizens and visitors who which to gamble virtually through the internet.

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Are legal online casinos up next in the US?

While legal online sports betting is now available in 17+ states out of the 25 states with legal sports betting, unfortunately when it comes to online casinos, those have only been regulated in five states so far and most Americans continue to wager at internet / mobile casinos that are licensed offshore.

I’m forecasting the 2021 will become the year of The Great American Online Casino Boom.

You can stay up to date on United States online gambling laws in the Gambling.org sports betting forums. There you’ll find post about US sportsbooks and new internet gambling mergers and acquisitions as they happen.

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