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UCF vs. Memphis: Go Knights!

UCF Knights vs Memphis Tigers

UCF Knights vs Memphis Tigers

In the world of sports betting, today’s big college football game to watch is the University of Central Florida Knights go face to face against University of Memphis Tigers.

Both teams need the win today as they’re on to borderline of getting into the AAC conference finals.

UCF Knights have been on a tear in recent years and have developed into an AAC powerhouse football team.

I wouldn’t count them out, however handicappers are giving the edge to Memphis.

You can watch the big football game today at 3PM Eastern time on ABC.

Memphis Tigers are Favored by Bookmakers

CBS Sports has picked Memphis to be the winner in today’s college football match-up.

If I were a sports better I’d actually go the opposite direction and place my bets on UCF to be the surprise victor from today’s big AAC game.

That may be, in part, because I went to the University of Central Florida myself.

So I guess that makes me biased in the Knights favor but hey its a football game.

Everybody has their favorite sports teams they bet on and favorite college football team biases accordingly.

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  1. Who is everyone favoriting for winning the NFL Superbowl for this year’s professional football season? I’m undecided still, just like voting this year. I’ll leave that one up to everyone else in the USA, I’m not voting in 2020.

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